Lauren Dennis

Lauren Dennis from San Angelo, Texas, is currently attending The University of North Texas, where she is double majoring in painting/drawing, ceramics, and is minoring in music. Besides expressing herself creatively through art, Lauren enjoys spending her free time attending concerts and art museums. 


In the past, her work focused primarily on depicting the human figure. Recently, her work is more abstract, and focuses on showing various textures through the use of different mediums. These mediums include: ceramic, embroidery, acrylic, oil, and watercolor. With her ceramic work, she is creating primarily functional ware and is experimenting in sculpture. Color is important to all of her work, and she loves experimenting with various color palettes. 


Her goals are to show her work throughout the DFW community and globally. In the future, she wants to own a studio/gallery where she will teach various art classes for the community, while continually creating her work and growing artistically. Lauren also hopes to receive her MFA in the near future. 

You can find/buy her work on her website: and her instagram: @lauren_elisse_

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