Terrell Weathersby

Terrell Weathersby is self taught artist from Jackson, MS. He has relocated to McKinney, TX in 2018 to continue his pursuit of becoming a professional counselor.  He has always engaged in some form of artistic activity whether it be singing, writing or drawing but had really learned the impact of art when he worked with adolescents in a behavioral hospital in 2013.  Initially he worked the night shift and drew pictures to stay awake.  Eventually the children took notice and things took off from there.  He used art as an incentive to keep the kids on task and learn new ways to attack obstacles.  Terrell began unofficially teaching art to the kids and noticed that they became more patient and understanding that not all things will go their way  but yet they can still appreciate the outcome.  

In 2015 he realized that majority of his ideas were starting to manifest into pictures instead of poems.  Each of his custom works has a background story of personal experiences or random thoughts that wanted to be released.  Terrell aims to send a positive empowering message with every picture that is created.  

Terrell believes that there is an artist in everyone despite what the work may look like on paper, canvas, or any other display item, he knows that it’s not about competition or comparisons but the appreciation of one's work is the appreciation of one's self.

You can support him by following @tweathersby_art on IG and Terrell Weathersby Art on FB.  

Currently open for commissions. Please DM for information.

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